Library Version: 6.32.1

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Updated library version 6.32.1
  • Fixed error with energy analysis results showing kwh/m2 to w/m2
  • Minor fixes to the default value for bifaciality and bifacial transmission factor


Library Version: 6.32.0

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Updated library version 6.32.0
    • Astroenergy AstroSemi CHSM72M-HC, AstroTwins CHSM72M(DG)/F-BH
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Pro Bifacial JKM520M-72HL4-TV, 72M HC JKM520M-72HL4-V, TR78M JKM555M-7RL4-V, Tiger Pro Bifacial JKM515M-7TL4-TV, Tiger Pro Bifacial JKM520M-72HL4-BDVP, Tiger Pro JKM430M-6TL4-V, Jinko Solar Tiger Pro JKM430M-6TL4
    • SunPower Performance 5 SPR-P5-545-UPP, SPR-X22-370 DC,  Maxeon 3 SPR-MAX3, Maxeon 3 BLK SPR-MAX3-355-BLK, Maxeon 3 SPR-MAX3-370, Performance 3 BLK SPR-P3-315-BLK, Performance 3 COM SPR-P3-420-COM-1500,
    • Canadian Solar HiKu7 CS7L-580MS, HiKu7 CS7N-640MS
    • JA Solar Half-Cell JAM72S30-510/MR, Half-Cell 11BB JAM72S30-525/MR, MBB Half-Cell JAM72S20-445/MR, Bifacial JAM72D20-440/MB, MBB Half-Cell JAM66S30-480/MR, MBB Half-Cell JAM66D30-480/MR, MBB Half-Cell JAM60S20-365/MR, MBB Half-cell JAM60S10-350/MR, Bifacial JAM60D20-385/MB, Bifacial JAM60D10-350/MB
    • Longi Solar LR5-72HBD-540M
    • Trina Solar Vertex TSM-DE20, TSM-DD18(II), Vertex TSM-DEG20C.20, Vertex TSM-DE19, Vertex TSM-DEG19C.20, Vertex TSM-DEG18MC.20(II), Vertex TSM-DE19, Vertex TSM-DEG19C.20, Tallmax TSM-DE17M(II), HoneyM DE08M(II), Duomax TSM-DEG17MC.20(II), VertexS TSM-DE09, VertexS TSM-DE09.08, VertexS TSM-DE09.05
    • GCL Saturn GCL-M8/72H 465, Saturn GCL-M6/60H 345, GCL-M6/72H-335, Saturn GCL-M3/72H, Saturn GCL-M6/72H, Gemini Bifacial GCL-M3/72GDF, Gemini Bifacial GCL-M3/72GD, GCL-M3/60H, Saturn GCL-M8/60H, Gemini GCL-M8/72GDF, Saturn GCL-M8/60BH
    • First Solar Series 6 Plus
    • Talesun BiPro TD7G78M, BiPro TD6G72M, BiPro TP6G72M, BiPro TD7G72M, BiPro TD6G60M, TD6L60M, TD6L60M, BiPro TP6G60M, BiPro TP6G60M(H), BiStar TP7F72M, BiStar TP8Q50M, BiStar TP6L60M, CiPro TP6F60M, CiPro TP6H60M, CiPro TP6H72M, CiPro TP6F72M, BiStar TP6H60P, BiStar TP6H60M Full Black, BiStar TP6H60M,  BiStar TP6H72M Black Frame,
    • REC Solar TwinPeak 2S 72 REC400TP2S 72, TwinPeak 2S 72 REC390TP2S 72,  TwinPeak 3 REC335TP3M Black, TwinPeak 3 REC340TP3M,  TwinPeak 3S REC405TP3SM72,
    • Znshine Solar ZXP6-LD72-350/P,  ZXP6-HLD144-360/P,  ZXP6-72-350/P, ZXM7-SPLDD144-540/M,  ZXM6-NHLD144-445/M, ZXM6-NH156-445/M
    • Risen Energy Jager RSM120-6, Jager RSM132-6, Titan RSM110-8, Titan S RSM40-8, Jager RSM132-6-380BMDG, Titan RSM110-8-550BMDG, Titan RSM120-8-605M, Titan RSM120-8-600BMDG, Jager Plus RSM156-6-455M, Jager Plus RSM144-6-420M, Jager Plus RSM144-6-420BMDG,


Library Version: 6.31.8

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Changed link of Help buttons to a different support center
  • Changed support email address
  • Updated library 6.31.8
    • SunTech HyPro STP395S-A72U/Vfh, STP390S-A72U/Vfh, STP385S-A72U/Vfh
    • SunTech HIPro STP325-A60/Wfh, STP320-A60/Wfh, STP315-A60/Wfh, STP310-A60/Wfh
    • SunTech HIPerfoma STP435S-A72/Hnh+, STP430S-A72/Hnh+, TP425S-A72/Hnh+, STP420S-A72/Hnh+, STP415S-A72/Hnh+
    • SunTech Full Black STP340S-A60/Wfhb, STP335S-A60/Wfhb, STP330S-A60/Wfhb, STP325S-A60/Wfhb, STP320S-A60/Wfhb
    • SunTech Full Black STP340S-A60/Wnhb, STP335S-A60/Wnhb, STP330S-A60/Wnhb,  STP325S-A60/Wnhb, STP320S-A60/Wnhb
    • SunTech HIPro STP345S-A60/Wfh, STP340S-A60/Wfh, STP335S-A60/Wfh,STP330S-A60/Wfh, STP325S-A60/Wfh
    • SunTech HIPro STP345S-A60/Wnh, STP340S-A60/Wnh, STP335S-A60/Wnh,STP330S-A60/Wnh, STP325S-A60/Wnh
    • SunTech HISpec STP465S-A84/Ssh, STP460S-A84/Ssh, STP455S-A84/Ssh, STP450S-A84/Ssh, STP445S-A84/Ssh
    • SunTech HIPower STP370S-B60/Wnh, STP365S-B60/Wnh, STP360S-B60/Wnh, STP355S-B60/Wnh, STP350S-B60/Wnh
    • SunTech HISpec STP415-A72/Vfh, STP410-A72/Vfh, STP405-A72/Vfh, STP400-A72/Vfh, STP395-A72/Vfh
    • SunTech Full Black STP370S-B60/Wnhb, STP365S-B60/Wnhb, STP360S-B60/Wnhb, STP355S-B60/Wnhb, STP350S-B60/Wnhb
    • SunTech HIPro STP305-A60/Wfh, STP300-A60/Wfh, STP295-A60/Wfh, STP290-A60/Wfh, STP285-A60/Wfh
    • SunTech HIPro STP360-A72/Vfh, STP355-A72/Vfh, STP350-A72/Vfh, STP345-A72/Vfh, STP340-A72/Vfh
    • SunTech HIPower STP490S-B78/Vnh, STP485S-B78/Vnh, STP480S-B78/Vnh, STP475S-B78/Vnh, STP470S-B78/Vnh
    • SunTech HIPro STP390-A72/Vfh, STP385-A72/Vfh, STP380-A72/Vfh, STP375-A72/Vfh, STP370-A72/Vfh
    • SunTech HIPerforma STP450-B72/Pnh+, STP445-B72/Pnh+, STP440-B72/Pnh+, STP435-B72/Pnh+, STP430-B72/Pnh+
    • SunTech HiPower STP450S-B72/Pnhg, STP445S-B72/Pnhg, STP440S-B72/Pnhg, STP435S-B72/Pnhg, STP430S-B72/Pnhg
    • SunTech HIPower STP605S-D60/Vmh, STP600S-D60/Vmh, STP595S-D60/Vmh, STP590S-D60/Vmh, STP585S-D60/Vmh
    • SunTech HIPower STP590S-C78/Vmh, STP585S-C78/Vmh, STP580S-C78/Vmh, STP575S-C78/Vmh, STP570S-C78/Vmh
    • SunTech HIPerforma STP410S-A72/Pfhg, STP405S-A72/Pfhg, STP400S-A72/Pfhg, STP395S-A72/Pfhg, STP390S-A72/Pfhg
    • SunTech HIPerforma STP410S-A72/Pnhg, STP405S-A72/Pnhg, STP400S-A72/Pnhg, STP395S-A72/Pnhg, STP390S-A72/Pnhg
    • SunTech HIPro STP410S-A72/Vfh, STP405S-A72/Vfh, STP400S-A72/Vfh, STP395S-A72/Vfh, STP390S-A72/Vfh
    • SunTech HIPro STP410S-A72/Vnh, STP405S-A72/Vnh, STP400S-A72/Vnh, STP395S-A72/Vnh, STP390S-A72/Vnh
    • SunTech HIPower STP445S-B72/Pnh+, STP440S-B72/Pnh+, STP435S-B72/Pnh+, STP430S-B72/Pnh+, STP425S-B72/Pnh+
    • Vikram Solar Eldora Grand Ultima Silver VSP.72.320.05 320W-340W
    • VSUN VSUN405-144BMH-DG, VSUN400-144BMH-DG, VSUN395-144BMH-DG, VSUN390-144BMH-DG
    • VSUN VSUN390-72BMH-DG, VSUN385-72BMH-DG, VSUN380-72BMH-DG, VSUN375-72BMH-DG
    • ET Solar Elite PERC Bifacial ET-M672BH385GL, ET-M672BH390GL, ET-M672BH395GL, ET-M672BH400GL
    • Jinko Solar TR Bifacial JKM510M-7TL4-BDVP, JKM515M-7TL4-BDVP, JKM520M-7TL4-BDVP, JKM525M-7TL4-BDVP, JKM530M-7TL4-BDVP


Library Version: 6.31.7

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Fixed the bug when trying to create a single-slope canopy in the east-west direction
    • Thanks to Felipe for identifying this
  • Removed limitation on number of rows when creating a canopy
    • Thanks to Raam for identifying this
  • Updated library 6.31.7
    • Jinko Solar Eagle 78TR G4b JKMxxxM-7RL3-TV 445W-465W
    • Boviet Solar BVM6613M9(L)-xxxL-HC-BF-DG 425W-440W
    • Risen Energy Jager Plus RSM144-6-xxxBMDG 415W-420W
    • Talesun BiPro TD6I72M 430W-450W
    • Hanwha Q-Cells Q.PEAK L-G7.2 385W-405W
    • Trina Solar Tallmax TSM-PE15H 340W-355W
    • Trina Solar Tallmax TSM-DE17M(II) 435W-455W
    • Trina Solar Tallmax TSM-PE15M 340W-360W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Mono-facial N-Type JKMxxxN-7RL3-V 450W-470W
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah Plus JKMxxxM-78H-V 425W-445W
    • Canadian Solar HiKu CS3W-xxxMS 430W-455W
    • Canadian Solar BiHiKu CS3W-xxxMB-AG 420W-445W
    • JA Solar JAM72S20-xxx/MR 440W-465W
    • JA Solar Half-Cell JAM78S10-xxx/MR 415W-455W
    • Hanwha Q-Cells Q.PEAK L-G6.2+ 405W-425W
    • Canadian Solar HiKu CS3W-xxxP 420W-440W
    • SunPower SPR-A450-COM, SPR-A440-COM, SPR-A430-COM
    • Hanwha Q-Cells Q.PEAK DUO-G6.2 415W-435W
    • Hanwha Q-Cells Q.PEAK DUO L-G8 415W-430W
    • Talesun HiPro TD678M 410W-430W
    • Talesun HiPro TD678M(H) 410W-430W
    • Risen Energy Jager Plus RSM144-6-xxxM 395W-420W
    • Talesun BiStar TP6L72M 435W-455W
    • Talesun BiStar TP6L72M(H) 435W-455W
    • Risen Energy Jager Plus RSM156-6-xxxM 430W-455W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger F35 JKMxxxM-7RL3-V 450W-470W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger JKMxxxM-7RL3-TV45W-465W
    • JA Solar JAM72D30 520W-545W
    • Goodwe HT GW100K-HT, GW110K-HT, GW120K-HT, GW136K-HTH
    • SMA America MVPS 4000-S2-US, 4200-S2-US, 4400-S2-US, 4600-S2-US
    • Power Electronics, HEMK FS2445K, FS3670K, FS2340K, FS3510K, FS2285K, FS3430K, FS2235K, FS3350K, FS2180K, FS3270K, FS2125K, FS3190K
    • Sungrow SG5000UD, SG5000UD-20, SG1250UD, SG1500UD-20
    • Sungrow SG3400HV-20, SG3125HV-20, SG2500HV-20


Library Version: 6.31.6

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Fix to importing SolarAnywhere files for energy analysis
    • Thanks to Chris for identifying this bug
  • Updated library 6.31.6
    • Chint AstroTwins CHSM72M(DG)/F-BH 430W to 450W
    • Talesun Bipro TP6G72M 385W to 410W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Bifacial JKM450N-7RL3-TV 450W-470W
    • Trina Solar Vertex TSM-DE18M(II) 480W-505W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Bifacial JKM445M-7RL3-TV 445W-465W
    • Longi Solar LR4-78ZBD-465M 465W-485W
    • Longi Solar LR4-78ZPH-465M 465W-485W
    • Solaria PowerXT-400R-PM
    • FuturaSun Next FU M 360W-400W
    • FuturaSun FU P 300W-330W
    • FuturaSun FU M 340W-380W
    • FirstSolar_FS-6420A 420W-450W
    • Canadian Solar_CS6X-305P
    • Sunergy CSUN-410-72MH 385W-410W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Mono-facial JKM455-7RL3-V 455W-475W
    • HT Solar Multiway+ HT72-156M(V)-C 385W-405W
    • HT Solar Highway HT72-156M(V) 355W-380W
    • HT Solar Highway+ HT72-156M(V) 380W-405W


Library Version: 6.30.15

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Updated library 6.30.15
    • SMA America Sunny Tripower CORE1 STP 33-US-41, 50-US-41, 62-US-41
    • SunGrow SG250HX, SG33CX, SG40CX, SG50CX, SG110CX, SG30CX
    • Gamesa Electric PV 2250, PV2500, PV 3400U
    • Vikram Somera Grand VSM, Somera P-Duplex, Somear Grand Ultima, Somera Grand Plus, Eldorra Grand
    • ET Solar ET-M672BH 425-440, Elite ET-M672BH TW 385-405
    • Canadian Solar CS3U 385MB-400MB
    • Dehui Solar Max, BiMax, Black
    • Longi Solar LR4-72HBD 440M-455M, LR6-72HIBD 360M-385M,
    • Hanwha Q-Cells Q.Peak L-G8.2 415-430
    • JA Solar JAM78D10 430/MB-450/MB
    • Jolywood JW-D72N 380-400, JWD60N 315-335, JW-HD144N 390-415, JW-HD156N 425-450, JWHD120N 325-350
    • Solartecc SOL 72-P 350, 72-M 380, 390, 400
    • Risen Energy Bifacial PERC RSM144-7 425BMDG-445BMDG
    • URE Peach D2k H8A 400-420, Glory BiFi D6L360O4A  & D6L370O4A
    • Chint AstroTwins CHSM72M(DG)/F-BH 430-450
  • Fixed cloning equipment issue
    • Thanks to Kira, Skye, and Lynne for identifying this issue
  • Fixed issue with support team receiving datasheets from customers
  • Disabled Web Service provided by Parallel Works.  Web service from PV Layout is still working
  • Shade profile for trackers disabled as a result of web service being disabled
  • In Energy Analysis, added self shading options for thin film and standard modules
    • Thanks to Debbie for the request
  • In Energy Analysis, created separate sections for Shading and Losses for clarity.
  • Fixed error in calculating acreage for Surface Heatmap when using more than one Location terrain tile.
    • Thanks to Kiran P for identifying this issue


Library Version: 6.29.6

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Added ‘Help’ buttons which directly link to the SunDAT Help Knowledgebase
  • Fix for shade profile issue with fixed tilt tables
    • Thanks to Ben for identifying this issue
  • Fix issue with storing table pile points which gave incorrect info for Layout Analysis
    • Thanks to Ben and Michael for identifying this issue
  • Updated library version to 6.29.6