Library Version: 6.33.2

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Updated library version 6.33.2 with additional modules and inverters
  • Fix for incorrect dimensions on certain modules.  The following modules have been fixed:
    • URE Super D6P345H4A 345
    • First Solar Series 6 CuRe FS-6450-C
    • First Solar Series 6 CuRe FS-6455-C
    • First Solar Series 6 CuRe FS-6460-C
    • First Solar Series 6 CuRe FS-6465-C
    • First Solar Series 6 CuRe FS-6470-C
    • First Solar Series 6 CuRe FS-6475-C
    • First Solar Series 6 CuRe FS-6480-C
    • GCL GCL-M12/60H 580W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60H 585W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60H 590W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60H 595W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60H 600W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60H 605W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60H 610W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60H 615W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60GDF 575W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60GDF 580W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60GDF 585W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60GDF 590W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60GDF 595W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60GDF 600W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60GDF 605W
    • GCL GCL-M12/60GDF 610W
    • SunPower Performance 3 BLK SPR-P3-390-BLK
    • SunPower Performance 3 BLK SPR-P3-385-BLK
    • SunPower Performance 3 BLK SPR-P3-380-BLK
    • SunPower Performance 3 BLK SPR-P3-375-BLK
    • SunPower Performance 3 BLK SPR-P3-370-BLK
    • Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 CS7N-640MB-AG
    • Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 CS7N-645MB-AG
    • Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 CS7N-650MB-AG
    • Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 CS7N-655MB-AG


Library Version: 6.33.0

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Updated library version 6.33.0
  • Removed cost estimation feature as our partnership with SunFig has ended.  We are currently looking for another option to support cost estimation.  Thank you for your patience.


Library Version: 6.32.1

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Updated library version 6.32.1
  • Fixed error with energy analysis results showing kwh/m2 to w/m2
  • Minor fixes to the default value for bifaciality and bifacial transmission factor


Library Version: 6.32.0

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Updated library version 6.32.0
    • Astroenergy AstroSemi CHSM72M-HC, AstroTwins CHSM72M(DG)/F-BH
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Pro Bifacial JKM520M-72HL4-TV, 72M HC JKM520M-72HL4-V, TR78M JKM555M-7RL4-V, Tiger Pro Bifacial JKM515M-7TL4-TV, Tiger Pro Bifacial JKM520M-72HL4-BDVP, Tiger Pro JKM430M-6TL4-V, Jinko Solar Tiger Pro JKM430M-6TL4
    • SunPower Performance 5 SPR-P5-545-UPP, SPR-X22-370 DC,  Maxeon 3 SPR-MAX3, Maxeon 3 BLK SPR-MAX3-355-BLK, Maxeon 3 SPR-MAX3-370, Performance 3 BLK SPR-P3-315-BLK, Performance 3 COM SPR-P3-420-COM-1500,
    • Canadian Solar HiKu7 CS7L-580MS, HiKu7 CS7N-640MS
    • JA Solar Half-Cell JAM72S30-510/MR, Half-Cell 11BB JAM72S30-525/MR, MBB Half-Cell JAM72S20-445/MR, Bifacial JAM72D20-440/MB, MBB Half-Cell JAM66S30-480/MR, MBB Half-Cell JAM66D30-480/MR, MBB Half-Cell JAM60S20-365/MR, MBB Half-cell JAM60S10-350/MR, Bifacial JAM60D20-385/MB, Bifacial JAM60D10-350/MB
    • Longi Solar LR5-72HBD-540M
    • Trina Solar Vertex TSM-DE20, TSM-DD18(II), Vertex TSM-DEG20C.20, Vertex TSM-DE19, Vertex TSM-DEG19C.20, Vertex TSM-DEG18MC.20(II), Vertex TSM-DE19, Vertex TSM-DEG19C.20, Tallmax TSM-DE17M(II), HoneyM DE08M(II), Duomax TSM-DEG17MC.20(II), VertexS TSM-DE09, VertexS TSM-DE09.08, VertexS TSM-DE09.05
    • GCL Saturn GCL-M8/72H 465, Saturn GCL-M6/60H 345, GCL-M6/72H-335, Saturn GCL-M3/72H, Saturn GCL-M6/72H, Gemini Bifacial GCL-M3/72GDF, Gemini Bifacial GCL-M3/72GD, GCL-M3/60H, Saturn GCL-M8/60H, Gemini GCL-M8/72GDF, Saturn GCL-M8/60BH
    • First Solar Series 6 Plus
    • Talesun BiPro TD7G78M, BiPro TD6G72M, BiPro TP6G72M, BiPro TD7G72M, BiPro TD6G60M, TD6L60M, TD6L60M, BiPro TP6G60M, BiPro TP6G60M(H), BiStar TP7F72M, BiStar TP8Q50M, BiStar TP6L60M, CiPro TP6F60M, CiPro TP6H60M, CiPro TP6H72M, CiPro TP6F72M, BiStar TP6H60P, BiStar TP6H60M Full Black, BiStar TP6H60M,  BiStar TP6H72M Black Frame,
    • REC Solar TwinPeak 2S 72 REC400TP2S 72, TwinPeak 2S 72 REC390TP2S 72,  TwinPeak 3 REC335TP3M Black, TwinPeak 3 REC340TP3M,  TwinPeak 3S REC405TP3SM72,
    • Znshine Solar ZXP6-LD72-350/P,  ZXP6-HLD144-360/P,  ZXP6-72-350/P, ZXM7-SPLDD144-540/M,  ZXM6-NHLD144-445/M, ZXM6-NH156-445/M
    • Risen Energy Jager RSM120-6, Jager RSM132-6, Titan RSM110-8, Titan S RSM40-8, Jager RSM132-6-380BMDG, Titan RSM110-8-550BMDG, Titan RSM120-8-605M, Titan RSM120-8-600BMDG, Jager Plus RSM156-6-455M, Jager Plus RSM144-6-420M, Jager Plus RSM144-6-420BMDG,


Library Version: 6.31.8

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Changed link of Help buttons to a different support center
  • Changed support email address
  • Updated library 6.31.8
    • SunTech HyPro STP395S-A72U/Vfh, STP390S-A72U/Vfh, STP385S-A72U/Vfh
    • SunTech HIPro STP325-A60/Wfh, STP320-A60/Wfh, STP315-A60/Wfh, STP310-A60/Wfh
    • SunTech HIPerfoma STP435S-A72/Hnh+, STP430S-A72/Hnh+, TP425S-A72/Hnh+, STP420S-A72/Hnh+, STP415S-A72/Hnh+
    • SunTech Full Black STP340S-A60/Wfhb, STP335S-A60/Wfhb, STP330S-A60/Wfhb, STP325S-A60/Wfhb, STP320S-A60/Wfhb
    • SunTech Full Black STP340S-A60/Wnhb, STP335S-A60/Wnhb, STP330S-A60/Wnhb,  STP325S-A60/Wnhb, STP320S-A60/Wnhb
    • SunTech HIPro STP345S-A60/Wfh, STP340S-A60/Wfh, STP335S-A60/Wfh,STP330S-A60/Wfh, STP325S-A60/Wfh
    • SunTech HIPro STP345S-A60/Wnh, STP340S-A60/Wnh, STP335S-A60/Wnh,STP330S-A60/Wnh, STP325S-A60/Wnh
    • SunTech HISpec STP465S-A84/Ssh, STP460S-A84/Ssh, STP455S-A84/Ssh, STP450S-A84/Ssh, STP445S-A84/Ssh
    • SunTech HIPower STP370S-B60/Wnh, STP365S-B60/Wnh, STP360S-B60/Wnh, STP355S-B60/Wnh, STP350S-B60/Wnh
    • SunTech HISpec STP415-A72/Vfh, STP410-A72/Vfh, STP405-A72/Vfh, STP400-A72/Vfh, STP395-A72/Vfh
    • SunTech Full Black STP370S-B60/Wnhb, STP365S-B60/Wnhb, STP360S-B60/Wnhb, STP355S-B60/Wnhb, STP350S-B60/Wnhb
    • SunTech HIPro STP305-A60/Wfh, STP300-A60/Wfh, STP295-A60/Wfh, STP290-A60/Wfh, STP285-A60/Wfh
    • SunTech HIPro STP360-A72/Vfh, STP355-A72/Vfh, STP350-A72/Vfh, STP345-A72/Vfh, STP340-A72/Vfh
    • SunTech HIPower STP490S-B78/Vnh, STP485S-B78/Vnh, STP480S-B78/Vnh, STP475S-B78/Vnh, STP470S-B78/Vnh
    • SunTech HIPro STP390-A72/Vfh, STP385-A72/Vfh, STP380-A72/Vfh, STP375-A72/Vfh, STP370-A72/Vfh
    • SunTech HIPerforma STP450-B72/Pnh+, STP445-B72/Pnh+, STP440-B72/Pnh+, STP435-B72/Pnh+, STP430-B72/Pnh+
    • SunTech HiPower STP450S-B72/Pnhg, STP445S-B72/Pnhg, STP440S-B72/Pnhg, STP435S-B72/Pnhg, STP430S-B72/Pnhg
    • SunTech HIPower STP605S-D60/Vmh, STP600S-D60/Vmh, STP595S-D60/Vmh, STP590S-D60/Vmh, STP585S-D60/Vmh
    • SunTech HIPower STP590S-C78/Vmh, STP585S-C78/Vmh, STP580S-C78/Vmh, STP575S-C78/Vmh, STP570S-C78/Vmh
    • SunTech HIPerforma STP410S-A72/Pfhg, STP405S-A72/Pfhg, STP400S-A72/Pfhg, STP395S-A72/Pfhg, STP390S-A72/Pfhg
    • SunTech HIPerforma STP410S-A72/Pnhg, STP405S-A72/Pnhg, STP400S-A72/Pnhg, STP395S-A72/Pnhg, STP390S-A72/Pnhg
    • SunTech HIPro STP410S-A72/Vfh, STP405S-A72/Vfh, STP400S-A72/Vfh, STP395S-A72/Vfh, STP390S-A72/Vfh
    • SunTech HIPro STP410S-A72/Vnh, STP405S-A72/Vnh, STP400S-A72/Vnh, STP395S-A72/Vnh, STP390S-A72/Vnh
    • SunTech HIPower STP445S-B72/Pnh+, STP440S-B72/Pnh+, STP435S-B72/Pnh+, STP430S-B72/Pnh+, STP425S-B72/Pnh+
    • Vikram Solar Eldora Grand Ultima Silver VSP.72.320.05 320W-340W
    • VSUN VSUN405-144BMH-DG, VSUN400-144BMH-DG, VSUN395-144BMH-DG, VSUN390-144BMH-DG
    • VSUN VSUN390-72BMH-DG, VSUN385-72BMH-DG, VSUN380-72BMH-DG, VSUN375-72BMH-DG
    • ET Solar Elite PERC Bifacial ET-M672BH385GL, ET-M672BH390GL, ET-M672BH395GL, ET-M672BH400GL
    • Jinko Solar TR Bifacial JKM510M-7TL4-BDVP, JKM515M-7TL4-BDVP, JKM520M-7TL4-BDVP, JKM525M-7TL4-BDVP, JKM530M-7TL4-BDVP