This release of SunDAT includes the following features/fixes:

  • SketchUp 2018 Compatibility (SunDAT still supports SketchUp 2017) – Download SketchUp here
  • Shade profile feature influences Energy Analysis (NREL SAM simulation)
  • Table Update feature for Canopy tables
  • Project State now shown based on lat/long
  • Added colored borders around Combiner (or String Inverter) groups in DC Electrical Design
  • Fixed issue where some input fields did not accept values starting with a decimal value (i.e. 0.xx, or xx.0x)
  • Fixed issues with table updates
  • Fixed issue where user was not allowed to switch to Aluminum conductors in wire schedule
  • Fixed string wire schedule column issue
  • Fixed Slope Analysis issue with Fixed Tilt layouts where across table flags are not shown
  • Add inverter selection drop-down to Inverter Enclosure clone window
  • Fixed error when running slope analysis with electrical blocks


This release of SunDAT includes the following features/fixes:

  • DC Electrical design for ground mount systems
  • Automated Wire Schedule generation based on DC electrical design
  • Electrical-based block creation (create an electrically-complete block centered around one or more inverters)
  • Added Bill of Materials details based on electrical design and wire schedule
  • Support for East-West tables in rooftop table creation
  • Skew input for Layout which angles tables while keeping them oriented toward the azimuth
  • Parametric inputs for Layout which allow the user to run multiple layouts based on permutations of the given inputs
  • Expanded SLD for Central inverters including ability to create medium-voltage (MV) single-line diagram
  • Weather data import in Energy Analysis
  • Cut/Fill volume estimates in Slope Analysis
  • Shade Profile feature in Shadow Analysis allows user to see shade impact on each table after layout is run
  • Max system size input in Layout which will cut off layout algorithm once the desired size is reached
  • Expanded support for edges during KMZ import
  • NREL SAM Engine updated to 2017.9.5

SunDAT v3 (initial release)

Initial release of SunDAT v3.  This version of SunDAT includes the following high-level features:

  • Global equipment library including modules and inverters
  • Create custom equipment by using the Clone feature within the Equipment Library
  • Geo-locate project site based on address or lat/long
  • Import DWG or KMZ files to provide boundary and obstruction data (or draw your own)
  • Access local design data (wind/seismic/snow loads) based on location
  • Create rooftop, ground mount and canopy project regions
  • Define shadow setbacks based on 3D obstructions modeled in/around each region
  • Create fixed tilt ground mount, fixed tilt rooftop, single axis tracker and parking canopy tables for use during Layout
  • Create Blocks (arrays of tables) for use during Layout
  • Identify tables/blocks as Favorites for use on multiple projects
  • Create PV Layouts given a set of input parameters including previously create tables or blocks
  • Run multiple PV layouts to compare layout results
  • Scripting feature enables user to record SunDAT commands and play them back automatically
  • Allows manual changes/deletions/additions to layout and registers each change as a new Manual layout
  • Run NREL SAM-based energy simulations, and export 8760 data and/or a visual report
  • Import topo data from either SketchUp itself or from an AutoCAD DWG file
  • Analyze terrain to identify areas where slope exceed structural tolerance
  • Generate single-line diagrams for either string or central inverter systems
  • Generate high-level Bill of Materials based on the designed system
  • Export design to either SketchUp LayOut or AutoCAD using templates included during installation
  • Web-based UI accessible within SketchUp