Library Version: 6.29.6

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Added ‘Help’ buttons which directly link to the SunDAT Help Knowledgebase
  • Fix for shade profile issue with fixed tilt tables
    • Thanks to Ben for identifying this issue
  • Fix issue with storing table pile points which gave incorrect info for Layout Analysis
    • Thanks to Ben and Michael for identifying this issue
  • Updated library version to 6.29.6


This new patch includes the following features/fixes:

  • Cost estimation and finance features are now only available for SunDAT Pro
  • Fixed issue with canopy azimuth during layout runs
    • Canopies should now be facing in the correct direction
    • Thanks to Michael for identifying this issue
  • Updated library version to version 6.28.9
  • Changed copyright year to ‘2020’


Library Version: 6.26.21

What’s New:

  • Updated equipment library (V6.26.21) including:
    • Bruk-Bet BEM 290-320, BEM 350-375, BEP 270-280, BEP 320-340
    • Jinko Solar Swan Bifacial JKM-72H-TV 380-415
    • GCL-M3/72DH 370-405
    • Longi Solar LR6-72HBD 360-385
  • Fix to issues with Exception: undefined method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass with regard to full and partial trackers when only partial trackers are used in the layout.


Library Version: 6.26.17

What’s new:

  • Updated equipment library (V6.26.17) including:
    • Modules
      • Trina TSM-DE15X(II) 410-430
      • China Sunergy CSUN 310<-325M & 325P-350P
      • Hanwha Q-Cells Q.Prime L-G5 325-345
      • JA Solar JAM72D09 370-390
      • Canadian Solar CS1U 400-420MS
      • JA Solar JAM72S08 375-395W
      • JA Solar JAM72D10 390-410W
      • AstroEnergy AstroTwins modules CHSM72M, CHSM60M
    • Inverters
      • SMA SC 4000, SC 4200, SC4400, SC4600
      • Huawei SUN2000 185KTL-H1, 60KTL-M0(Mexico), 60KTL-M0, 50KTL-M0, 12KTL-M0, 15KTL-M0, 20KTL-M0
      • Ingeteam Ingecon Sun PowerMax 1665TL, 1690TL, 1715TL, 1740TL, 1800TL
      • SunGrow SG33KTL-M, SG36KTL, SG80KTL
      • GPTech PV500WD, PV540WD, PV630WD, PV675WD, PV750WD, PV900WD, PV975WD, PV1140WD3, PV1170WD, PV1200WD3, PV1230WD3, PV1260WD3, PV1320WD3, PV2275WD3, PV2335WD3, PV2395WD3, PV2460WD3, PV2520WD3, PV2640WD3, PV3410WD3, PV3505WD3, PV3595WD3, PV3685WD3, PV3775WD3, PV3960WD3
  • Replacements to weather files(USA only) that had incorrect albedo values which possibly were causing errors in production estimates during layout runs or energy analysis.


Library Version: 6.25.10

Bug fixes to the following issues:

  • Missing cloned inputs for North-South & East-West spacing in Run interface for tracker layouts
  • Cloned inverter enclosure not appearing in user library
  • Auto-Assign error for DC Electrical
  • Strings not assigned to combiner box when not enough strings are selected to complete a combiner box


Library Version: 6.25.10

  • Updated global library including adding:
    • Power Electronics FS3510M
    • Power Electronics FS3350M
    • Power Electronics FS3270M
    • Power Electronics FS3190M
    • SunGrow SG3150U
    • ABB string Inverters: UNO-DM, TRIO, PVI
    • SunPower SPR-X21-445-COM
    • SunPower P19 405-380 modules


Library Version: 6.25.4

This new patch includes the following features/fixes:

  • Fixed the error when trying to assign strings to a DC combiner when the number of strings assigned does not fill out the DC Combiner
  • Added Jinko Cheetah modules to Global Library
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah JKM370M-72-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah JKM375M-72-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah JKM380M-72-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah JKM385M-72-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah JKM390M-72-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah HC JKM380M-72H-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah HC JKM385M-72H-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah HC JKM390M-72H-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah HC JKM395M-72H-V
    • Jinko Solar Cheetah HC JKM400M-72H-V
  • Added SunGrow_SG3125HV-MV x 2 (6.25 MVA MV Turnkey Station) inverter enclosure to Global library
  • Added PowerElectornics-FS3430M x 1 to Global Library