Library Version: 6.31.6

This new patch includes the following new features/fixes:

  • Fix to importing SolarAnywhere files for energy analysis
    • Thanks to Chris for identifying this bug
  • Updated library 6.31.6
    • Chint AstroTwins CHSM72M(DG)/F-BH 430W to 450W
    • Talesun Bipro TP6G72M 385W to 410W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Bifacial JKM450N-7RL3-TV 450W-470W
    • Trina Solar Vertex TSM-DE18M(II) 480W-505W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Bifacial JKM445M-7RL3-TV 445W-465W
    • Longi Solar LR4-78ZBD-465M 465W-485W
    • Longi Solar LR4-78ZPH-465M 465W-485W
    • Solaria PowerXT-400R-PM
    • FuturaSun Next FU M 360W-400W
    • FuturaSun FU P 300W-330W
    • FuturaSun FU M 340W-380W
    • FirstSolar_FS-6420A 420W-450W
    • Canadian Solar_CS6X-305P
    • Sunergy CSUN-410-72MH 385W-410W
    • Jinko Solar Tiger Mono-facial JKM455-7RL3-V 455W-475W
    • HT Solar Multiway+ HT72-156M(V)-C 385W-405W
    • HT Solar Highway HT72-156M(V) 355W-380W
    • HT Solar Highway+ HT72-156M(V) 380W-405W

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