This maintenance release of SunDAT includes the following features/fixes:

  • Add live chat to SunDAT to provide immediate user support
  • Expanded Single-Line Diagram features for string inverter designs
  • Users can now import either KML or KMZ files (previously only KMZ was supported)
  • Added Power button to Web Service UI so user can turn on/off web service
    • Turning the service off helps conserve credits if a certain job is not progressing
  • Region name is now locked on creation so it can’t be accidentally deleted
  • Rooftop tables removed from Electrical Block creation menus
  • Template directory setting now allows user to pull LayOut and CAD templates from a custom location/directory
  • Updated default tracker rotation limit to 60 degrees – may have an impact on previously run energy simulations
  • Structures are now displayed after layout in all cases (regardless of system size)
    • Thanks to Ben for this suggestion
  • Fixed issues with transferring SKP files between users when custom components are used
    • Thanks to Kyle (and several other users) for the feedback on this issue
  • Fixed issue where custom components weren’t deleting properly from the library
  • Fixed several issues with the Web Service dashboard and features
    • Thanks to everyone who contributed feedback
  • Fixed issue with tracker shade profile not routing to web service when original layout included blocks
  • Fixed issue during layout which occurred in some cases when a boundary offset was used
    • Thanks to Carolina for bringing this to our attention
  • Fixed issue during layout when simulating production in certain cases
    • Thanks to Mavis for bringing this to our attention
  • Fixed bug thrown when using a “Target System Size” after changing the number of layout iterations in Settings
    • Thanks to Icar for bringing this to our attention

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