This release of SunDAT includes the following features/fixes:

  • Web Service
    • Leverage the combiner power of cloud computing and SunDAT to run hundreds of designs for one or more sites in minutes
    • Accessible from within SunDAT or from the browser (https://sundat.ftcsolar.com/sws)
    • Multiple workflows available:
      • Multi-site prospecting/design optimization (JSON + Multi-KMZ)
      • Design optimization (JSON + KMZ or JSON + SKP)
      • Single-Axis Tracker on Terrain Shade Profile
      • …more being developed
    • Each user will receive 100 free credits upon sign up
    • Additional credit packages can be purchased within SunDAT or online
  • Ability to export the Energy Analysis report to PDF
  • Ability to submit custom components (and their spec sheets) for inclusion in the SunDAT global library
  • String size calculation tool – accessible by clicking recommended string size during table creation
    • Thanks to Mitch for this suggestion
  • Slope Analysis results are now shown as a table
    • Thanks to Ben for this suggestion
  • Ability to convert boundary data from DWG import even if no contour lines are selected
  • Terrain mesh material reverts to satellite image after slope heatmap is removed (if mesh originally had an image)
    • Thanks to James for this suggestion
  • Add voltage and type filters for Module and Inverter selection in Site Overview
  • Units added to Clone Component view
    • Thanks to Thomas for this suggestion
  • Inverter selection in PV Layout screen is now disabled if user selects an Inverter-based block for layout
  • Multiple fixes to Energy Analysis UI
  • Fixed issue with inverter placement when inverter enclosure in some specific cases
    • Thank to Ben for reporting this issue
  • Fixed issue with tracker structure not appearing in table visualization when “Use Adv Config…” is checked
  • Fixed issue with Production/Yield estimate when inverter’s values are incomplete – SunDAT now estimates some specific values for these inverters
  • SKP filename added to SunDAT window to clarify active project when multiple models are open

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