This release of SunDAT includes the following features/fixes:

  • Combiner-based electrical blocks
    • Create blocks comprised of one or more combiner boxes and the associated strings/tables
    • Speeds up DC electrical design process for large systems while enabling flexible layouts on complex boundaries
  • Skewed blocks
    • Tracker table blocks (including electrical blocks) can now be skewed at a specified angle and used for layout
    • Thanks to Jared for this suggestion
  • Layout run detail changes the number of iterations performed when “Spacing by Target System Size” is enabled
    • Thanks to Dan for this suggestion
  • Single-line diagram screen now populates with all available electrical data if DC electrical design has been completed
  • Layout results now display all spacing types (Gap, Pitch and GCR)
    • Thanks to Dan for this suggestion
  • Added check to ensure favorite tables used by favorite blocks can’t be unfavorited
  • Added several inverter enclosures to the SunDAT library to make it easier to start DC Electrical design
  • Fixed issue where component labels weren’t removed after erasing electrical design
  • Fixed web cache issue during installation – SketchUp web cache now removed during each install

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