This maintenance release of SunDAT includes to following fixes/features:

  • Spacing between blocks in Parametric Layout is now restricted to internal block spacing (removing unnecessary additional design permutations)
    • Thanks to Andrew for suggesting this
  • Disable deletion of favorite tables when they are used by favorite blocks
  • Region-specific scripting operations (i.e. boundary, shadow, layout, etc) will now run for all regions if “region_name” property is set to “”
  • Added check during region creation to see if selected face overlaps any existing regions
  • Changes to inverter quantity calculation when both Target System Size and Target DC/AC ratio are specified
    • Thanks to Kyle for the suggestion
  • Spacing values in layout now reset to blank when spacing type is changed.
    • Thanks to Kyle for reporting an issue with old values being used for layout spacing
  • Fixed issues with Canopy layout
  • Fixed issue where SunDAT does not load properly after updating a table in an existing block
    • Thanks to Hasan for reporting this issue
  • Fixed issue where SunDAT does not load properly when using favorite blocks with additional gaps
    • Thanks to Mavis and Andrew for reporting this issue

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