This release of SunDAT includes the following features/fixes:

  • Optimize row spacing (GCR) based on target system size for a region.
    • To use, set a “Target System Size” in Layout and then turn on “Use Target Size to determine spacing”.
    • Thanks to Dan for this suggestion!
  • Custom component sharing.
    • Any custom components used in an SKP model are now also stored in that model (in addition to being stored in the user’s local equipment library).
    • Example:  User A creates a custom module and uses it in an SKP model.  User A sends the SKP to User B.  Once User B opens this SKP, the custom module will immediately be added to their local user library.
  • Equipment labeling for the DC Electrical feature (on separate layer).
    • Combiners and inverters can now be labeled dynamically
    • Labeling is included in export to AutoCAD
    • Thanks to Ben for this suggestion!
  • Option to remove all empty string slots in a DC Electrical hierarchy.
  • Target System Size in Layout can apply to single region or all regions.
    • When 2 or more regions are chosen in Layout, unchecking the “By Region?” checkbox will set the Target System Size to the entire model (all regions)
    • Thanks to Jared for this suggestion!
  • Improved cut/fill feature so that any errors in volume calculation are now reported in UI and in the model.
  • Added ability to comma-separate Bearing Cap Gap frequency in Advanced Config section of Tracker Table Creation.
  • Warning thrown when user deletes region by accident, allows user to reinstate region.
  • Added “Repair Regions” feature in Tools.
  • Warning message thrown when user begins Parametric Layout run with over 20 permutations.  Option to proceed provided.
  • Error message now thrown when user without SketchUp Pro tries to export to AutoCAD or LayOut.
  • Faces removed during AutoCAD export (reduces DWG file size).
  • Improved UI speed, decreased loading time, for certain portions of the tool.
  • Fixed issue with favorite tracker tables not properly storing advanced config attributes.
    • Thanks to Dan for reporting this!
  • Fixed issue where clicking outside of “?” help menu still opened the SunDAT help
  • Fixed issue so block deletion now checks if blocks are used in any layouts in the model.
    • Thanks to Jared for reporting this!
  • Fixed KWDC value in BOM for certain cases post-DC Electrical design.
  • Fixed issue with SketchUp LayOut export not working properly for SketchUp 2018.
  • Fixed issue where “.” in table and block names caused errors.
    • Thanks to Mitch for reporting this!
  • Fixed issue with across table slope analysis for fixed tilt tables.

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