SunDAT v3 (initial release)

Initial release of SunDAT v3.  This version of SunDAT includes the following high-level features:

  • Global equipment library including modules and inverters
  • Create custom equipment by using the Clone feature within the Equipment Library
  • Geo-locate project site based on address or lat/long
  • Import DWG or KMZ files to provide boundary and obstruction data (or draw your own)
  • Access local design data (wind/seismic/snow loads) based on location
  • Create rooftop, ground mount and canopy project regions
  • Define shadow setbacks based on 3D obstructions modeled in/around each region
  • Create fixed tilt ground mount, fixed tilt rooftop, single axis tracker and parking canopy tables for use during Layout
  • Create Blocks (arrays of tables) for use during Layout
  • Identify tables/blocks as Favorites for use on multiple projects
  • Create PV Layouts given a set of input parameters including previously create tables or blocks
  • Run multiple PV layouts to compare layout results
  • Scripting feature enables user to record SunDAT commands and play them back automatically
  • Allows manual changes/deletions/additions to layout and registers each change as a new Manual layout
  • Run NREL SAM-based energy simulations, and export 8760 data and/or a visual report
  • Import topo data from either SketchUp itself or from an AutoCAD DWG file
  • Analyze terrain to identify areas where slope exceed structural tolerance
  • Generate single-line diagrams for either string or central inverter systems
  • Generate high-level Bill of Materials based on the designed system
  • Export design to either SketchUp LayOut or AutoCAD using templates included during installation
  • Web-based UI accessible within SketchUp

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